EPO Online Services have been designed to allow applicants, attorneys and other users to conduct their business with the European Patent Office electronically in a state-of-the-art secure environment, protected by smart card or username/password access.

With Online Services you can:

  • use the Online Filing software to file the following applications and documents with the EPO

    • EP, Euro-PCT and PCT applications
    • submissions in opposition, appeal, limitation and revocation proceedings
    • subsequently filed documents for all EP proceedings

    You can also use it to file the following with participating national offices:
    • EP and PCT applications
    • national applications and other documents in national procedures

  • use the Online Fee Payment software: this is a user-friendly online service which allows you to pay fees, in single or batch payments (via batch files created using the Multipay Tool), track fees paid via the Online Filing software, view, print in PDF or download in XML the details of your transactions (e.g. deposit account overviews, account statements, pending orders, the EPO's schedule of fees, etc.)

  • submit your applications using PatXML which helps you draft your patent documents in Microsoft Word by creating a template with built-in EPC rules

  • organise your files and receive communications from the EPO using My Files and Mailbox

    • My Files allows you to view published and unpublished files via a secure connection.
    • The Mailbox service allows professional representatives to benefit from immediate and direct access to a defined list of communications from the EPO online.

We invite you to login and navigate through our services. More detailed information is available for each of them. We trust you will find all the information and instructions you need.


The terms and conditions of use for the Mailbox have changed. Continued use of the Mailbox constitutes acceptance of the changes concerned. If a user explicitly objects to the new terms and conditions, the EPO is entitled to revoke his access rights.

Smart card access

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